Romney Adviser: Obama’s Middle East Policy ‘A Disaster’

A top foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney on Wednesday repeated the campaign’s insistance that the Obama administration was at fault for “sympathizing” with the attackers of a U.S. consulate in Egypt and Libya, describing the president’s policies in the Middle East as a “disaster.”

“As it relates to events over the last couple of days, you know, just a reminder, Wolf, of the chaos that a lot of the policies of this administration have showed,” Dan Senor told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday night. “Chaos in the Arab Spring. Chaos where allies in Israel feel they can’t rely on us. You saw the flare up with Israel and the president.”

“Do you think the president’s policy in the Middle East has been a success? It looks like a disaster to most Americans,” Senor added.

Senor also criticized the administration for any “breakdown in communication” between the State Department and the U.S. embassy in Cairo. The administration was forced to distance itself from a statement made independently by the embassy on Tuesday night:

Egypt the largest country this the Middle East and the arab world. Our embassy there is one of the largest in the world. Certainly the largest in the region. The embassy in Cairo works very closely with the division at our State Department and closely tied up. If there was a breakdown in communication between the state department and the embassy, that’s certainly disappointing and adds to mixed messages. That was not corrected until very late last night, and to be clear, just what a breakdown in communication there must have been then, because the embassy reissued the statement in social media networks after the violence.