Republican Reps. Urge GOP To Authorize Military Force In Syria In Op-Ed


Republican Reps. Mike Pompeo (KS) and Tom Cotton (AR) urged the GOP to back President Barack Obama’s plan to use military force in Syria in an op-ed published Tuesday in the Washington Post.

“We understand why many of our GOP colleagues are undecided about a use-of-force resolution,” the senators wrote. “Indeed, we have reservations about the president’s implied course of military action. Yet Congress has its own constitutional duty to defend U.S. interests, and those interests shouldn’t be neglected simply because we have doubts about Obama.”

Pompeo and Cotton outlined a number of U.S. national security interests they said were undermined by the Syrian conflict, and assured their fellow Republican lawmakers they can vote to authorize the use of force in Syria without sacrificing the “duty” to critique how Obama wields that force.

“After all, we have one commander in chief at a time, and the United States is weakened if our presidency is weakened,” they wrote. “No matter the president’s party or his past failures, all Americans should want, and help, him to succeed when it comes to our national security.”