Report: Romney Launches $4.5 Million Ad Buy In Eight Swing States

As the Democratic convention wraps up Thursday, the Romney campaign is preparing to launch a new round of ad buys worth $4.5 million in eight swing states, according to NBC News.

NBC News pegs his ad spending at roughly $1 million in Florida, Ohio and Virginia; $600,000 in North Carolina and additional funds in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampsire.

Two Romney spokespersons declined requests from TPM to confirm or dispute the figures. One said the campaign does not discuss ad buys.

The news comes alongside a report that the Romney campaign and his allies have pulled their ads from the battleground states of Michigan — the candidate’s home state — and Pennsylvania.

The NBC report notes that the Obama campaign is outspending the Romney campaign in ads, but when outside groups are factored in, the Republican nominee has the edge by $303 million to $269 million.