Report: Florida Shooter Fired For Downloading Hypnotism, Sex, Explosives Guides

Pedro Vargas, the man who killed six people Friday in Hialeah, Fla., before being shot dead by police, was fired from Miami Dade College in 2008 for downloading 24 files inappropriate for work, including files on hacking, sex, hypnotism and explosives, according to Florida TV station WPLG.

Vargas worked at the college as an instructional support specialist. The college’s IT department reported at the time that he downloaded a file called “1000 Hacking Tutorials,” which included chapters on how to kill someone with your bare hands, dynamite and making explosives from bleach. He also downloaded files titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex” and “Easily Hypnotize Any One,” according to the TV station.

In a letter responding to the IT department at the time, Vargas said that the allegations were false and he only visited those sites to “enhance” his skills as a graphic designer. “I do not have any desire to work under such intoxicating environment that has been created in the department,” he wrote.

See the full list of files he downloaded and Miami Dade College’s records on Vargas here.