Pro-Immigration Advocate: We’ll Kick The GOP’s Ass If They Block Reform


The executive director of the pro-immigration group America’s Voice vowed Thursday that if House Republicans scuttle immigration reform, “we will be kicking their ass.”

“House Republicans either get it done or get blamed for blocking it,” Frank Sharry told reporters on a conference call with other immigration reform advocates. “Whatever the excuse, it’s going to be clear — they’ve either passed immigration reform or they’ve stopped it. All of these process excuses and procedural obstacles have been put in place to give Republicans an out. They don’t have an out. They either pass it or get blamed for blocking it.”

Sharry said Hispanics and pro-immigration voters will mobilize in the 2014 elections in favor of lawmakers who support reform and to exact a price against those who oppose it. He said he remains optimistic reform will pass and be signed into law this year.

“Now, we’re not looking for a blame game. We’re not looking to beat up the Republicans. We’re looking for a Rose Garden signing ceremony,” he said. “We would love to be patting Republicans on the back for finding a way forward, but if they don’t, we will be kicking their ass.”