Poll: Majority Of Republicans Disapprove Of Congressional GOP

Republicans in Congress are much less popular than their Democratic counterparts, according to a poll released Thursday, with even a majority of GOP voters nationwide disapproving of their party’s leadership on Capitol Hill. 

The poll from Quinnipiac University found that 71 percent of voters nationwide, including 53 percent of Republican voters, disapprove of the job the congressional GOP is doing while only 20 percent of voters overall and 38 percent of Republicans approve.

Democrats in Congress rate low too, but they are more popular than Republicans and in much better standing among their rank-and-file. Thirty-two percent of voters overall said they approve of the job congressional Democrats are doing while 60 percent disapprove. But 64 percent of Democratic voters said they approve of the job their party’s leaders in Congress are doing. 

Congressional approval ratings have been consistently low for a long time, but the PollTracker Average provides an instructive contrast in the public’s differing attitudes toward the two parties.