Clinton Campaign Chair Podesta Says FBI Leakers ‘Should Shut Up’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, on Sunday morning praised the FBI overall but said that those at the bureau leaking stories about investigations into Clinton “should shut up.”

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd referenced comments from Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine on Saturday. Kaine said that people in the FBI were “actively working” to help the Donald Trump campaign, which put pressure on Comey to notify Congress about a new review of emails related to the investigation of Clinton’s private email server.

Todd asked Podesta if the FBI’s announcement has helped Trump and whether people at the FBI are working against Clinton.

“I think what Mr. Comey did just nine days ago was a mistake. I think it broke precedent. It was criticized roundly by Democrats and Republicans, including four — I’m sorry two former deputy attorney generals who served with him in the Bush administration. I think it was a mistake,” Podesta said first in response.

Todd then asked if Comey’s actions should force him to resign.

“No,” Podesta replied. “I’ve never questioned his motivation. I’ve just said it was a mistake. It broke with precedent. There’s a reason for that policy. It looked like that — it was interfering in the election.”

He then pivoted to leaks from the FBI.

“I think the leaks that have been ongoing, which was what Tim was referring to, is worrisome, but I think the men and women of the FBI are doing a tremendous job out here across the country,” he continued. “But the leakers should shut up.”

Since Comey released a letter announcing that the FBI would review new emails related to the Clinton server probe, reports have surfaced about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The FBI reportedly launched an inquiry into the foundation over the summer, but the bureau put the investigation on hold until after the election when it found little evidence to support claims that the State Department did favors for foundation donors from foreign countries.

Reports have also surfaced suggesting that many agents within the FBI support Trump and have disagreed with leadership about how to handle Clinton investigations.

Watch part of the Podesta interview via NBC: