GOPer Bashes Conservative Super PAC Attacks As Out Of Obama Playbook


Rep. Phil Gingrey’s (R-GA) Senate campaign is bashing an attack by a conservative super PAC as right out of President Barack Obama’s “liberal” “Chicago-style” playbook.

Gingrey’s campaign is attacking the Ending Spending PAC’s attacks on him. Ending Spending is reportedly spending $1.3 million in ad time on a new ad attacking Gingrey as a politician with a habit for out of control spending. The ad attacks Gingrey as a “big spender in the House” and highlights his complaint that he’s stuck in Congress making just $172,000 a year.

In response, Gingrey campaign manager Patrick Sebastian called the attacks “straight out of Barack Obama’s liberal playbook.” Here are Sebastian’s full remarks, via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

This attack on Rep. Gingrey is a clear indication his establishment opponents see that he’s on-the-move, and is the most viable conservative in the race.

The attacks on conservative Republicans like Phil Gingrey from this special interest group are straight out of Barack Obama’s liberal playbook. Georgians will not let these Chicago-style tactics on leaders who have proven records in cutting spending, protecting our military and veterans, and fighting Obamacare stop them from supporting conservative Republicans like Phil Gingrey.

Twice named most conservative member of Congress, Phil has fought to reduce the debt, cut the deficit, cap spending, balance the budget, and — throughout his time in D.C. — has returned more than $1.4 million of his personal office’s funds to the U.S. Treasury.

It’s telling that this shadowy group would attack Phil’s fight to stop Congress’ Obamacare exemptions. Phil believes members of Congress and their staff’s should have to live under the laws they create. That’s why he introduced the ‘No Special Treatment for Congress Act,’ which reverses the federal taxpayer subsidies intended for members of Congress and their staffs.

End Spending PAC has also directed its fire at Michelle Nunn, the likely Democratic nominee in the Georgia Senate race.

Watch the ad below: