Obama Offers Jay Leno A Consolation Prize For Leaving ‘The Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)


Comedian Jay Leno hosted his final episode of “The Tonight Show” Thursday after a 22-year run, but at least President Barack Obama had a consolation prize to offer him.

“Jay, you’ve made a whole lot of jokes about me over the years,” Obama said in a pre-taped segment of stars wishing Leno well. “But do not worry, I’m not upset.”

To be more specific, Leno has told 1,011 jokes about Obama over the years, which puts him behind former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush on the list of the comedian’s all-time favorite targets.

On an unrelated note, Obama said, he had decided to make Leno the new U.S. ambassador to Antarctica.

“Hope you’ve got a coat, funny man,” he joked.

Watch below, courtesy of NBC: