Obama Comforts Crying Child At Easter Egg Roll

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, attended the annual White House Easter Egg Roll this morning and the event yielded some amusing presidential photos. Along with the pictures of the President and First Lady standing next to a bizarre, costumed Easter bunny, Associated Press White House Reporter Nedra Pickler shared an adorable shot of the President trying to calm a crying child at the event, which is expected to bring 30,000 guests to the White House throughout the day. 

“POTUS consoles a crier in the chaos at the #EasterEggRoll,” wrote Pickler. 

Though it seemed like President Obama scored with the child, he reportedly did not perform nearly as well when he tried to play basketball at the event. According to Pickler, President Obama, who is an avid hoops player, took 15 tries to make one shot and went 2 for 22 overall.