Newt: Rush ‘Was Right To Apologize’ To Fluke But ‘Elite Media’ Is Obscuring The Issue

Newt Gingrich said that Rush Limbaugh was “was right to apologize” for smearing a Georgetown law student over her testimony on birth control, before changing the topic to President Obama and his handing of the Afghanistan protests. 

“But let’s talk about apologies for a second,” Gingrich said. “I think the president was totally wrong as commander in chief to apologize to religious fanatics while our young men are being killed in Afghanistan, and I think it was a disaster of an apology.”

Of the broader debate about the contraception mandate, Gingrich said the “elite media are so desperate to not describe this accurately,” declaring that the issue is about religious liberty.

“First of all, this young lady can buy contraception all she wants to,” the former Speaker said. “There is no place in America that’s difficult for her to get contraception. The question is, should a religiously-affiliated institution — not just Catholic, but for example the Christian University of — the Ohio Christian University, which is Protestant, but is right-to-life– finds that sterilization and abortion provisions of Obamacare totally unacceptable.”