Newark Police To Provide Records Of Murder Victim Who Booker Says Died In His Arms

A spokesman for Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker (D) told the Washington Post late Wednesday that police have located records about a murder victim who Booker says died in his arms and will turn them over to the National Review on Thursday.

The National Review announced earlier Wednesday that it would file a lawsuit against Booker, the city of Newark and the Newark Police Department for access to public records about the death of Wazn Miller, who Booker says was shot and died in his arms in 2004.

James Allen, Booker’s mayoral spokesman, also provided the Post with a comment from former Newark police director Anthony Ambrose backing up Booker’s story. Ambrose said he remembered Booker had “blood all over his hand and on his arm” when he arrived at the scene, and was told by observers that Booker had rendered aid to the victim.

“I recall him staying by the victim’s side until he was transported to the hospital,” Ambrose said, as quoted by the Post. “Unfortunately, the individual did not survive.”