New TV Ad: ‘Scott Brown Is Pro-Choice’

Sen. Scott Brown has a new ad in the Massachusetts Senate race, with an unusual boast for a Republican: He is pro-choice.

The ad features a montage of women who support Brown: “Scott Brown is pro choice, and he supports a woman’s right to choose”; “I like that Scott Brown is independent, he really thinks for himself”; “His record shows that he supports women, he supports families”; “When my daughters grow up, I want to make sure that they have good jobs with equal pay, and I know Scott Brown will fight for that”; “I support Scott Brown because I know he wants to get our economy moving forward again”; “I’m a mom, I have a family, and I know that Scott Brown will fight hard for families.”

The Elizabeth Warren campaign was quick to respond: “But his record is clear: he’s received the support of a pro-life organization and has voted with the Republican Party to block equal pay for equal work and limit access to critical health services for women.”