Netanyahu: ‘No Doubt’ Obama And Romney Are Equally Committed To Forbidding Iran From Going Nuclear

Appearing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked if he believes President Obama and Mitt Romney are equally committed to preventing Iran from going nuclear.

“I have no doubt that they’re equally committed to preventing that,” he said. “It’s a vital American interest. It’s an existential interest in my case, so this isn’t the issue. We’re united on this across the board.”

He repeatedly declined to address Romney’s charge that Obama has thrown Israel under the bus.

“You’re trying to get me into the American election and I’m not going to do that,” he said. “There’s no bus and we’re not going to get into that discussion. … The only bus that is really important is the Iranian nuclear bus. That’s the one that we have to derail. And that’s my interest — that’s my only interest.”