Montana GOP Candidate Shoots Down Drone In Ad (VIDEO)

A new ad for a Montana Republican congressional candidate’s campaign features him shooting a drone out of the sky.

“I’m Matt Rosendale, and this is how I look from a government drone,” Rosendale said as the ad shows a drone’s aerial view of Rosendale with him in the crosshairs.

“And this is what I think of it,” Rosendale said directly into the camera before taking his rifle and shooting the drone.

“The federal government is too big and too powerful,” Rosendale continued. “More taxes and regulations put Montana families out of work. Spying on our citizens, that’s just wrong.”

Mother Jones previously noted that Rosendale, who is running for outgoing Montana Rep. Steve Daines’ (R) congressional seat, also attended a seminar in December that featured a speaker who has argued that environmentalists are domestic terrorists and a small group of bankers secretly run global politics.

(h/t: @jim_newell)

Watch Rosendale’s ad below: