GOP Opponent To McConnell: ‘Retire With Dignity’


Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Matt Bevin says he’s giving Mitch McConnell the opportunity to retire with dignity.

“There’s no one, myself included, who could go to Washington for 20-30-40 years and not change. It’s cathartic, good, refreshing for there to be turnover. You’ve gotta be careful of staying anywhere too long. It’s best to retire with dignity. I’m offering Mitch McConnell the chance to do so,” Bevin said on the campaign trail, as quoted by TIME.

Invoking senators whom he said “die in office” or stay in Washington for too long, he said, “I don’t trust them to leave power, to leave Washington. They have to be thrown out.”

The conservative candidate is running in a long-shot bid to defeat the Senate minority leader in the Republican primary on May 20.