‘Lyin’ Hillary Doll’ With Noose Makes Appearance At Trump Rally In NC

A “Lyin’ Hillary Doll” with a noose around its neck appeared Wednesday at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina, the latest example of violent depictions of the Democratic nominee at Trump’s rallies.

NBC News reported the doll, which appeared to be a generic stuffed “Lyin’ Hillary Doll” with an added rope noose, was held above the Charlotte, North Carolina crowd for much of Trump’s rally, which focused on policies that Trump said would make the Republican Party a “home” for black voters.

The doll’s owner, Ginger Glover, told NBC News that she brought it to show she thought Hillary should be “incarcerated, at the very least.”

At other rallies across the country, NBC News reported, posters have depicted Clinton’s face behind a bull’s-eye while and one rally-goer held up a mask of Clinton’s face mounted on a stake.

One website advertising the Lyin’ Hillary Doll offers a list price of $24.99 and a description which reads:

Squeeze “The Lyin Hillary Doll”™ in the front and center at approximately her waistline and she will tell one of Hillary’s unbelievable tales. Squeeze her again and she will tell another – 18 of them in all!