Louie Gohmert Whines About GOP Leaders Fast-Tracking Bill

It may not come as a surprise that Rep. Louie Gohmert was aggrieved with his party’s leadership Tuesday for passing a Medicare physician payment fix on an unrecorded voice vote.

After the vote, the Texas Republican took to the House floor to reminisce about the former Democratic majority’s tactics and invoke his leaders’ promises at the time that they’d be more transparent if they controlled the chamber.

So I was very surprised today that with us in the majority, our own leadership in charge, something as important as the doctor fix would be brought to the floor on a voice vote. I would have come over earlier except there was a recess, back in session, recess, back in session. I didn’t know how long the recesses were going to be. Now I know that I need to get with some other members and make sure we have people on the floor — make sure we have people on the floor since we won’t be sure what our own leadership is going to do. That’s very unfortunate. It’s unfortunate. Need to be able to trust your own leadership.

Democratic leaders signed off on the voice vote.