Liz Cheney Praises Joe Lieberman For Sticking To ‘Courage Of His Convictions’


Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney (R) listed former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) as one of the lawmakers she most respects.

In an interview with TIME magazine Cheney was asked who she would model her career as a senator after if elected.

“I’m going to be my own person. As I mentioned, I’ve got a lot of respect for some of the new guys who have come in,” Cheney told TIME. “I also have huge respect, though, for people like Jon Kyl, who’s retired, but who always had the courage of his convictions. Joe Lieberman was like that too. People who stood for what they believed in no matter the criticism that came.”

In 2000, Lieberman was on the Democratic presidential ticket with then-Vice President Al Gore against then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Cheney’s father, former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. Lieberman eventually went on to become and Independent but finished his time in Congress caucusing with the Democrats.