Larry Wilmore: Rumsfeld Is ‘The Only Donald Worse Than Trump’ (VIDEO)

Larry Wilmore was out of jokes on Tuesday night when he saw news that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he always thought the American invasion to democratize Iraq was “unrealistic.”

“Really, Don? It seemed fucking unrealistic to you?” Wilmore said.

Wondering when Rumsfeld came to this conclusion, the host found out that he felt this way “from when he first heard those words.”

“So from the very beginning you were convinced that we would not succeed?” Wilmore asked.

Cut to Rumsfeld, in 2003: “From the very beginning, we were convinced that we would succeed, and that means that [Saddam’s] regime would end.”

“Holy shit!” Wilmore said, arms flailing. “Do you not know your speeches are video-taped?”

He continued the segment with the chyron, “The Only Donald Worse Than Trump.”

Watch the clip, courtesy of Comedy Central: