Police Release Dashcam Video Of Zimmerman, Still Investigating Altercation

Police in Lake Mary, Fla. on Tuesday released a dashcam video of George Zimmerman surrendering himself in front of his home Monday following an altercation with his estranged wife and her father, which is still under investigation.

The dashcam video, taken outside the home, captured Zimmerman’s interaction with police officers but did not show an alleged domestic dispute between he, his wife Shellie and her father. In the video, police ordered Zimmerman to slowly back away from his vehicle into the middle of the street, where they ordered him to kneel and placed him in handcuffs.  

Lake Mary police spokesperson Zach Hudson reiterated Tuesday that video of the incident recorded on an iPad will be critical to determining what happened. He said he had “tremendous confidence” that the video would be extracted from the device, which Zimmerman allegedly smashed into pieces.

Hudson clarified that all witnesses, including both George and Shellie Zimmerman, told police at the scene that no gun was involved in the altercation.

Asked about the apparent change in Shellie Zimmerman’s recounting of the incident — she can be heard on an audio recording of her 911 call saying her husband had “his hand on his gun” — Hudson said “perception becomes everything with something like that,” and assured the police department didn’t want to penalize anyone for their immediate reactions.