Kim Davis Imagined As Lesbian Lover In Erotic Fiction Novella


A new electronic, erotic fiction novella hit virtual bookshelves Sept. 15 — and its subject is “Kim,” who has a lesbian sexual encounter while serving time in jail.

“Kim Goes To Jail: An Erotic Story” is a “timely tale of faith, prejudice, incarceration, danger and sexual discovery,” according to a description of the book on Amazon.

Kim Davis was a Kentucky county clerk who went to jail because she refused to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples.

The book, described online, makes veiled references to Davis:

Kim is a simple, small-town woman who finds herself thrown in jail in a dispute over religion and sexuality. She quickly discovers the importance of knowing friend from foe in the notoriously horny women’s wing and, with the help of her beautiful cellmate, sets out to learn the ropes.

The book, available for Kindles for $0.99, is 45 pages long.

h/t: Mediaite