Key Dem Says He’d Support Rubio’s DREAM Act (VIDEO)

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (IL), the Democrats’ leading crusader for immigration reform, says he would support Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) scaled-back version of the DREAM Act.

“If he’s got a proposal, I will work with Rubio, I’m telling you that,” Gutiérrez told Fox News Latino. “I think he’s sincere, I think he’s genuine.”

“Even if it’s watered down and does not grant citizenship, if it stops the deportations and doesn’t exclude them from becoming citizens, doesn’t stop that from happening, [then] yes [I would support Rubio’s bill],” the congressman added.

The bill is a longshot at best, particularly in the Republican-led House. Rubio, who has yet to release the legislation, has been angling to blame the White House for its likely failure.

Watch the video, via Fox News Latino: