Kerry Says Deal On Iran’s Nuclear Program Could Happen Quickly

Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview that aired Sunday that a deal on Iran’s nuclear weapons program could be struck quickly if Iran is willing to open its uranium enrichment facilities to international inspectors.

Appearing on “60 Minutes,” the secretary of state told CBS’ Scott Pelley that a deal could be finalized even sooner than the three- to six-month time frame that Iranian President Hasan Rouhani proposed.

“It’s possible to have a deal sooner than that depending on how forthcoming and clear Iran is prepared to be,” Kerry said.

“Iran needs to take rapid steps, clear and convincing steps, to live up to the international community’s requirements regarding nuclear programs, peaceful nuclear programs,” he added.

President Barack Obama announced Friday that he had spoken by phone with Rouhani, the first conversation between the leaders of the U.S. and Iran since 1979.