Keillor: Minnesota Public Radio Did Not Fully Investigate Allegations


Embattled former public radio host Garrison Keillor said he was not given a “full and fair” investigation before Minnesota Public Radio cut ties with him over allegations of sexual misconduct.

“I expect to deal with MPR soon to try to fix the enormous mistake they have made by not conducting a full and fair investigation,” Keillor told the Associated Press in an email.

Keillor claims he has been accused by one former colleague for inappropriately touching her bare back when consoling her and immediately apologized, but MPR’s top executive said the organization was aware of “multiple allegations” against the former host. MPR President Jon McTaggart denied Keillor’s claims that it didn’t fully vet the accusations.

In a statement, MPR said it properly reviewed the complaints from two people who said Keillor committed “multiple incidents of inappropriate behavior” and conducted a full investigation before deciding to fire Keillor on Nov. 30.

The attorney for the former host of largely popular radio show, “A Prairie Home Companion,” said he and Keillor were only aware of one allegation against him and said Keillor expects a “full restoration” of his reputation.