Jon Stewart Plays Name-That-Scandal With New Jersey And New York (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ligtened the mood on Wednesday night while covering the corruption in his two home states.

“Both states, New York and New Jersey, remain awash in scandal to the point where its hard to guess which corruption is taking place where,” he said. “But it’s worth a try, in a brand new game we call, ‘Quid Pro Oh!'”

Snappy theme music led to the first mystery corruption story: new developments in the infamous Bridgegate scandal. Stewart adorned a blindfold before listening to the new indictments against Christie ally Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni.

“Fraud, bribery, with just a woody note of underworld bosses, ah, man that could be either one of them,” he said, asking for several more clues.

Stewat finally got it when a news clip said prosecutors were calling the move “political retribution.”

“Oh, that’s Jersey baby,” Stewart said, to applause.

One report said Christie, escaping indictment, was “now in a position to claim vindication” and prepare his run for president.

“How the fuck is that vindication?” Stewart asked to laughs.

Watch the clip, courtesy of Comedy Central: