Stewart Reviews McDonnell Trial So Far: ‘What Are They, In 4th Grade?’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart went over all the weird revelations that have come out of the federal corruption case against former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and his wife on Thursday’s “The Daily Show.”

Stewart found it particularly “f*cked up” that Maureen McDonnell pitched Ann Romney a dietary supplement manufactured by Jonnie Williams, the donor at the center of the couple’s gifts scandal, as a cure for her multiple sclerosis.

“How do those two live with themselves?” Stewart said, before positing that Williams probably came up with a pill that made them forget when they “trivialized a woman’s debilitating and incurable disease so that a wacked-out supplement huckster would buy you a watch.”

The comedian didn’t buy the defense that the McDonnells couldn’t have conspired to promote Williams’ company because their marriage was on the rocks, either, pointing out that “you don’t have to be happily married to be corrupt.” But Williams testified that he never had an affair with the first lady, nor was he aware that she had a “crush” on him, despite some emails that would suggest otherwise.

“What are they, in f*cking 4th grade? What is this?” Stewart asked. “Williams didn’t pick up on the signals? I guess because he’s a crazy-eyed inventor, got his head filled with so many ideas doesn’t know when the ladies are trying to hit him up!”

But according to Stewart, the real victim in the gifts scandal appears to be “family values” man Bob McDonnell.

“Wow, I guess by your own definition, you’re a terrible person,” Stewart quipped.

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: