Jon Stewart Burns GOPers Freaking Out Over Obama’s Executive Action (VIDEO)

“The Daily Show” on Monday mocked Republican anguish over potential executive action on immigration by President Obama—and another possible government shutdown by the GOP.

Host Jon Stewart began with the “weird magic” of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who on Sunday tried to convince “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd that a GOP-driven shutdown would be Obama’s fault:

TODD: “You think the President would be shutting down the government?”

JINDAL: “Oh, absolutely I do.”

TODD: “So you do want Republicans to fight him on this to the point where it could shut down the government.”

JINDAL: “I don’t think the President should shut down the government.”

“It’s like watching a non-Jedi try a Jedi mind trick,” Stewart quipped.

Next Stewart rolled his eyes at former Massachussetts governor and ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who said with no apparent irony that Obama lost the midterm elections and “the American people spoke loud and clear.”

“You know,” Stewart said, descending into pig-latin, “I remember the American people saying quite clearly a few years back, ‘ix-nay on the itt-May, and yet here you are on the elevision-tey, talking it-shay.”

“But you know what, I apologize, you look great, what’s your secret?” he asked Romney. “It’s probably not being President.”

Watch below: