Jon Stewart Is Amused By Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Crying Poor (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart thinks it’s rich that Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden are doing their best to portray themselves as “plain folk.”

On Tuesday’s “The Daily Show,” Stewart zeroed in on Clinton’s much maligned comment about leaving the White House in 2001 “dead broke.” Former President Bill Clinton defended her Tuesday from those charges of being out-of-touch, claiming Clinton’s statement was “factually true.”

“Well played, Mrs. Clinton,” Stewart quipped. “But if I know Joe Biden, you just brought a $100 bill to a loose change fight.”

Biden, who has referred to himself in the third-person as the poorest member of Congress, had a similar moment this week when he said at the White House Working Families Summit that he had no savings account or stock investments.

“How poor is Biden? He can’t even afford a first-person pronoun, that’s how poor he is.”

“What’s with the poverty Tourette’s?” Stewart asked. “Why do these two seem to think we need a hobo for president? Own what you have, it’s fine.”

But Stewart had to re-evaluate that statement once he saw that Joe Biden’s memoir only pulled in a total of $201 in royalties last year.

“On second thought, I’m not sure how this guy affords a bucket to sh*t in,” he joked.

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: