Jon Stewart Happy ‘Hip Hop Conservative’ Radel Overshadows Rob Ford (VIDEO)

Comedian Jon Stewart seemed eager to move on from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s alleged crack cocaine usage to a more homegrown drug scandal on Wednesday’s “Daily Show.”

Stewart joked that although Toronto has become the “go-to shorthand reference” for cocaine stories, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) was busted for cocaine possession this week. After all, he said, “Schoolhouse Rock” taught Americans “how a bill becomes a straw.”

He wondered aloud whether Radel showed any warning signs of cocaine use. Strike one was telling an interviewer that his favorite vacation spot was Cartagena, Columbia.  

Strike two was Radel’s Twitter bio, which described him as a “hip hop conservative.” That makes about as much sense as calling oneself a “smooth jazz anarchist,” he said. And according to Stewart, any congressman who uses Public Enemy lyrics to explain government doesn’t understand rap music to begin with.