Jon Stewart: Dick Cheney Is ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe’ (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart noted on Monday’s “The Daily Show” that like “America’s tragedy herpe,” former Vice President Dick Cheney reemerged last week — to the tune of “The Imperial March” from “Star Wars” — to criticize President Barack Obama as parts of Iraq fell to Islamic militants.

Stewart mocked the launch of Cheney’s hawkish nonprofit organization, Alliance for a Stronger America, which a cowboy-hat-clad Cheney and his “Sith apprentice” daughter unveiled with a video Stewart said looked like it was shot in front of a portrait studio backdrop at Sears.

The comedian also faulted Cheney for acting like Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. It was Cheney himself who bragged about negotiating a withdrawal of forces from Iraq back in 2009, Stewart pointed out.

Even Fox News host Megyn Kelly called Cheney out last week for getting a number of things wrong during the Iraq War.

“I guess now Dick Cheney knows what it feels like when someone you thought was a friend shoots you in the face,” Stewart quipped.

Watch below, via Comedy Central: