Jon Stewart: Bundy Is ‘Professor Of Negro Studies’ At ‘David Duke’ U (VIDEO)

Comedian Jon Stewart tackled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s comments on blacks and slavery at the top of Thursday night’s “The Daily Show.”

“In a surprising twist, states rights-sovereign citizen Cliven Bundy is apparently also a professor of Negro Studies,” he said without sounding very surprised at all.

Stewart played back video of Bundy’s remarks at a press conference last weekend, in which he asked if blacks were “better off as slaves picking cotton” than “under government subsidy.”

“I should have mentioned he’s a professor at Duke University — David Duke University,” he said, referring to the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard.

After reminding the rancher than anybody would be better off not as a slave, Stewart ribbed the anti-government Bundy for comparing himself to the nation’s founders.

“Well, yes, a bit like the Founding Fathers — but the bit of you that’s like our Founding Fathers is the bit of them that we’re ashamed of,” he said.

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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