Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports Burst Onto Scene Like ‘Pack Of Wolves’ (VIDEO)

Daily fantasy sports sites — like Fan Duel and Draft Kings — arrived on the scene like “a pack of wolves,” according to host John Oliver on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

“Daily fantasy sports combine everything dudes love: sports, money and a lack of commitment,” Oliver said.

Congress cracked down on online gambling in 2006, but, as Oliver pointed out, the law exempted fantasy sports.

“It was meant to be a very small exceptions, but through that small carve-out, two multiple-billion dollar companies have emerged,” Oliver said. “It’s like those lawmakers built a doggy door for a beloved pooch and then daily fantasy came bursting through like a pack of wolves, saying, ‘We are dogs. It’s a doggy door right? That’s for us. We’re legally dogs. Woof. Right? Tell him. Woof. Step aside. Woof.’ “

Watch the clip, from HBO, below: