Joe Scarborough And Sean Hannity Kick Off Monday By Trading Insults

Tom Williams/CQPHO

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and Sean Hannity, his counterpart at Fox News, on Monday kicked off a virtual slapfight over Hannity’s boosterism for President Donald Trump and Scarborough’s musical hobbies.

Scarborough, the co-host of “Morning Joe,” kicked off the morning by criticizing Donald Trump Jr.’s changing accounts of his meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton as part of a Russian government effort to aid his father’s campaign.

He accused Trump Jr. of “lying — lying to the New York Times, lying to the American people, saying this meeting was just about adoption, and then the next day lying about the people that were in it.”

“Then going on a TV show that basically is state-run television,” Scarborough, who announced last week that he is leaving the Republican Party, added. “These people keep getting caught in their lies, day after day after day.”

Trump Jr. appeared on Hannity’s show hours after he published email messages showing he was aware and willing to receive research as part of a Russian state effort to help his father win.

Hannity did not appear pleased to be called “state-run television,” an accusation Scarborough likely made due to Hannity’s strident and longstanding public support for Trump.

Hannity responded in a series of tweets mocking Scarborough for “singing bad songs on Colbert,” being “boring low rated establishment TV” and criticizing Trump in order “to please D.C. NYC elites & Mika” (Brzezinski, who is Scarborough’s co-host and fiancée).

“Liberal Joe is desperate for attention now,” Hannity tweeted. “I crushed him.”