Kimmel Presses Trump: ‘Isn’t It Wrong To Discriminate’ Based On Religion? (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel pressed Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on the morality and American-ness of his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country on Wednesday night.

Because of the coziness of a late-night talkshow, Trump was unable to deliver his usual soliloquy about his proposed ban.

Kimmel asked if “bad stuff” happening really justified his policy proposal.

“There is a lot of bad stuff,” Kimmel said. “But do you think there’s any truth to the argument when you do something like this, when you say something like this it helps recruiting, helps ISIS, because it makes people angry. Somebody who’s Muslim and whose never had those thoughts, goes, ‘Why can’t I go to Disneyland?’ “

Trump said he “doesn’t buy that argument” that he is fueling recruiting.

Kimmel asked him, “But isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?”

“Some of them aren’t so thrilled with what I said,” Trump said of his Muslim friends. But Trump said he has received a lot of support.

“Those might have been crank calls,” Kimmel said.

The late-night host eventually backed off Trump and presented him with a children’s book based on his campaign speeches.

Watch the clip, from ABC, below: