Jim DeMint Endorses Don Stenberg in NE-SEN

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), whose Tea Party following makes him one of the most high-profile endorsements in the country, is hopping into a competitive primary in the Nebraska Senate race to endorse Don Stenberg.

“The one complaint I hear most about him from the DC political class is that he can’t raise money,” DeMint said in an e-mail to supporters, per Hotline On Call. “This, of course, should be expected. He’s a grassroots candidate and doesn’t have national fundraising connections like establishment candidates.”

The move is especially loaded since one of the top contenders for the nomination, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning ®, has faced a slew of negative stories in recent months, including accusations that a land deal he made with two student loan executives represents a conflict of interest, a charge he denies. He also raised eyebrows earlier this year by comparing welfare recipients to scavenging raccoons, a quote he subsequently walked back.