‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Have No Idea Who Megyn Kelly Is (VIDEO)

“Jeopardy” contestants have absolutely no idea who Megyn Kelly is.

The Fox News host played a clip from the game show on Monday night’s “The Kelly File,” in which she was the answer to a question worth $800.

“‘File’ this blonde anchor and lawyer under Fox News where she hosts a show weekdays from 9 to 10 p.m,” host Alex Trebek asked.

Only one contestant ventured a guess: “Who is Nancy Grace?”

“Don’t be fooled! Everyone knows me,” Kelly laughed. “There’s always something to keep your ego in check. At first you’re like ‘I’m on Jeopardy! this is … oh, nobody, not a soul, never heard of her.'”

Episodes of “Jeopardy” are taped about two months in advance, so any contestant that caught wind of Kelly’s “Santa just is white” dustup last month came across her name too late.

Watch below, courtesy of Fox News: