Huck: GOP Establishment ‘Bed-Wetting’ Over Trump As Potential Nominee

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) said Wednesday the Republican establishment was “bed-wetting” at the prospect of having Donald Trump as their presidential nominee.

Huckabee’s comments on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” came after Trump won seven states in the Super Tuesday contests.

“The establishment Republicans are all, you know, bed-wetting over this,” he said. “And they don’t seem to understand that we have an election. Look, I just believe that at some point we need to recognize if you want to oppose Donald Trump, do it, but don’t pretend that somehow all of the voters who have gone out and voted for him are stupid. They are not stupid.”

The former governor, who suspended his bid for the presidency last month after a disappointing showing in the Iowa caucuses, has not endorsed any of the remaining candidates. But his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, joined Trump’s campaign last week as a senior adviser.

Huckabee also said voters were angry at “the problem” of the party establishment in his Fox interview.

“They’re angry, and they’re angry at the very establishment who is going nuts because Donald Trump is doing so well,” he said. “And they don’t get it that they’re the problem — they’re the problem.”