County Supervisors Want Updates On Courthouse Caper Investigation (READ)

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors, the governing body in Hinds County, Mississippi, is asking the county sheriff to keep them updated about the investigation into an incident in which supporters of state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-MS) got locked inside the Hinds County Courthouse on election night of the Mississippi Republican primary for U.S. Senate on Thursday.

The Board sent a letter to the sheriff on Thursday. The Sheriff’s Department has begun an investigation into how Central Mississippi Tea Party President Janis Lane, McDaniel Coalitions Director Scott Brewster, and McDaniel supporter Rob Chambers got into the building (and then locked inside by accident) after the courthouse was closed. The courthouse is where the ballots are kept.

“Incidents such as these could compromise the integrity and validity of the Hinds County election process tremendously. Any findings that your investigation may produce could prove to be invaluable in our assessment of this current situation and any actions that may be necessary on our part as a board,” Hinds County Board of Supervisors President Darrel McQuirter (pictured) wrote in the letter.

McQuirter asked the sheriff to update the board and provide them with a final report on the investigation.

“Therefore, it is the request of the Hinds County Board of Supervisors that your agency provides regular updates and a final report on the findings of your investigation into this matter to the Board as we work together with the Hinds County Election Commission to reveal what truly occurred, resolve the present situation, and prevent potential future mishaps,” McQuirter continued.

(Photo: Facebook/Darrel McQuirter For Supervisor District 2)

Read the letter below:
Hinds County Board Of Supervisors Letter