Hillary Clinton: Gov’t Must Not Go ‘Too Far’ With Surveillance

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a dialogue on government surveillance Friday, her comments coming as American allies raise concerns over U.S. spying.

“Trying to go up to the line of what is appropriate surveillance and security measures, and not over the line, is something that we need to have a full, comprehensive discussion about,” Clinton said in a speech at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., as quoted by the Syracuse Post-Standard.

The former secretary of state said information about U.S. surveillance programs has come to light out of context, pointing out that world leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel rely on U.S. intelligence to protect themselves. 

Merkel expressed concern to President Barack Obama this week about reports that the U.S. may have been spying on her mobile phone. The White House denied the allegations.

“I think everybody now says, ‘We have to make sure we’re not going too far,’ and that’s a discussion that has to happen in a calm atmosphere,” Clinton said, as quoted by the Post-Standard.