GOP Ky. Gov Candidate Tied To Assault Accusations Against Opponent


Hal Heiner, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky, on Wednesday apologized after he was linked to allegations against his opponent in the Republican primary.

Blogger Michael Adams had accused Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer of assaulting a woman he dated at Western Kentucky University. He told the Lexington Herald-Leader that he contacted people associated with Heiner’s campaign about the allegations against Comer.

“These rumors are the worst type of politics,” Heiner said in a statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader. “It is undignified and un-Christian and not the type of campaign I am running. I personally apologize to Jamie Comer if anyone associated with my campaign is involved.”

Adams maintained that the allegations against Comer are true, but told the Herald-Leader that he learned of the allegations by talking to people who know Comer.

“My proof is from, it’s just accounts from people who knew her,” Adams said. “It’s not like eyewitness accounts. That’s what it is because I can’t get people to come forward.”

Comer told the Herald-Leader that the accusation is a “complete lie.”