Gun Rights Group Says Activist’s Arrest Preceded By ‘Armed Invasion’

Adam Vs. The Man Studios, the media operation headed by gun rights activist Adam Kokesh, released a statement Wednesday morning claiming his arrest at his northern Virginia home Tuesday night on charges related to gun and drug violations was preceded by an “aggressive” police raid.

The statement said U.S. Parks Police and local Herndon, Va. police came to Kokesh’s home with “numerous police vehicles, including a light armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters” and “more than 20 armored SWAT team members … as well as a number of detectives, and plainclothes officers.”

According to the Washington Post, the search warrant on Kokesh’s home was served by the U.S. Parks Police, which confirmed last week it was investigating Kokesh for a video that he said showed him loading a shotgun in Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza. The parks police oversees the plaza, and local laws in Washington, D.C. prohibit the open carrying of firearms and the possession of guns not registered in the district. Kokesh has described the video as a deliberate act of civil disobedience. The parks police did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TPM.

Read the full statement from Adam Vs. The Man Studios below.

“AVTM Official Press Release

RE: Raid on ADAM VS THE MAN Studios

10JUL13 (HERNDON, VA 10 JULY 2013)— On the evening of Tuesday, 09JUL13, at approximately 7:45 PM, a combination of US Parks Police (an arm of the DHS) raided Adam Kokesh’s residence. Local Herndon police assisted in the armed invasion. The officers used a battering ram to knock in the door after two knocks, and did not announce that they had a warrant. Immediately after breaking down the door, a flash bang grenade was deployed in the foyer.

Numerous police vehicles, including a light armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded Adam’s street. More than 20 armored SWAT team members surrounded the house, as well as a number of detectives, and plainclothes officers. Assault rifles were aimed on all members of the team as they were handcuffed without being told why they were detained. Masked and armored police in full “Storm Trooper” gear flooded in and ransacked the residence. The team was cordoned in a front room, while Adam was pulled aside for questioning.

Over the course of the next five hours, the police searched every corner of the house with canine units and blueprints to the house obtained prior to the search. All officers refused to speak to the crew while they we being detained. They confiscated cell phones and personal items with force. Throughout the ordeal, the police repeatedly showed a volatile desire to initiate aggressive, forceful conduct with detainees. At one point, Adam politely requested to use the restroom and was kicked by the officer forcing him to sit handcuffed on the floor. After hours of determined attempts, the safe was forced open and all items inside were confiscated. Adam was arrested and his crew were told he was being brought to the Herndon Police department overnight. Well after midnight, police officers cleared the house.

Fairfax County Adult Detention Center has stated that it has Adam in custody.

The ADAM VS THE MAN Team will be continuing production on the podcast and the Youtube channel as long as Adam remains imprisoned for an act of civil disobedience. We will continue to spread the message of liberty, self ownership, and the non-aggression principle regardless of the government’s relentless attacks on our operation. We will continue to combat its desperate attempts to crush a worldwide, revolutionary shift in the people’s understanding of the state’s illegitimacy—after all, good ideas don’t require force.”