Arrested Fox Anchor Was Fresh Out Of Rehab, Looked ‘Very Intoxicated’

The Fox News anchor who was briefly jailed this week after an incident at an airport bar in Minnesota had just gotten out of rehab, according to an airport police report released Thursday.

Gregg Jarrett was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport after police responded to a report of an intoxicated man at a grill in the airport’s main terminal. The newsman was booked for allegedly obstructing the legal process, a misdemeanor.

The police report, obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, laid out the details of Jarrett’s arrest. A grill employee told police Jarrett appeared “very intoxicated” after she served him one drink, while a man who was speaking with Jarrett told officers that the newsman had taken some medication.

Jarrett did not tell police that he had taken any medication recently, according to the report, but he did admit that he had been drinking vodka since 9 a.m. The report described Jarrett as “very unsteady” and as having difficulty answering any questions about either his drinking or medication.

An officer later found three Gabapentin pills in Jarrett’s pockets, according to the report. Gabapentin is a painkiller that can cause drowsiness and confusion and does not mix well with alcohol. An officer’s search of Jarrett’s bag also turned up documentation that the newsman had just been released from an alcohol and chemical dependency treatment facility.

A Fox News spokesperson said Thursday in a statement that Jarrett was dealing with “serious personal issues” and his return to the network was “yet to be determined.” The newsman had been on indefinite leave from Fox News since mid-April.

Jarrett was due to appear in court on June 6.

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