Gorka Was Critical Of Trump Throughout Presidential Campaign

Sebastian Gorka, an adviser to President Donald Trump on counterterrorism – and, previously, an editor for Breitbart – criticized Trump during the presidential campaign.

In interviews surfaced by CNN, Gorka called Trump “a black hole” and “full of bluster.”

“On the right the Republican side, we have the New York real estate mogul who’s very full of bluster, full of sturm und drang, makes lots of statements about how we’re going to win and how the U.S. army is going to be undefeatable, but there’s no depth,” Gorka told “The Georgene Rice Show” in April 2016. “There’s no plan. There’s no strategy. So I can’t judge him because he’s really a black hole, so the last one that’s really serious is Senator Cruz.”

In other interviews, Gorka voiced an opposition to Trump’s friendliness toward Russia.

“If you have a broad historical sense you will understand that even if Putin says he’s killing terrorists or even if China says they’re fighting the Uyghur nationalists that doesn’t mean they’re on our side,” Gorka told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro last May. “Putin is a former KGB colonel, he’s a thug, he’s a vicious man. He runs a country in which journalists get murdered if they disagree with the Kremlin. China is the world’s last communist dictatorship. It may be running around doing quasi-capitalist things but it is a one party state and to say that we have shared interests, no, Mr. Trump, we don’t and we should really stick to the friends we already have.”

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