GOPer Gregg: Party Risks ‘Permanent Minority’ Status In Immigration Fight


Republican Judd Gregg, the former New Hampshire governor and U.S. senator, joined conservative columnists like the New York Times’ David Brooks in urging Republicans to embrace immigration reform or face becoming a “permanent minority” in an op-ed published on Monday in The Hill.

Gregg’s column, titled “GOP needs to step up to its role,” stressed the importance of the two-party system to building consensus and being inclusive — something Gregg wrote the party “is on the verge of abandoning.”

“How House Republicans handle the issue of immigration will be a key test,” Gregg wrote. “Can the party continue in its role as a national force for consensus and good governance in the near future? Or will it take an exclusionary path that will inevitably lead to it being a permanent minority voice?”

“If it chooses the latter course, it will have abandoned its large and critical responsibility to be a part of a reasonably well-governed constitutional system built on the need to reach consensus,” he continued.

Read the column here.