GOP Rep: ‘The American People Are Going To Demand’ Another Fight On Obamacare

Despite polls that have shown Americans vehemently opposed to the effort to stop the Affordable Care Act, a Republican congressman said in an article published Wednesday that voters still have an appetite for another fight on health care reform. 

In fact, Rep. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) told Politico that Americans will “demand” another on Obamacare in January, when a continuing resolution is slated to run out and the threat of another government shutdown may re-surface.

“The American people are going to demand a fight in January,” Westmoreland said. “Look, when this thing goes into full effect, some of those people will go, ‘Why didn’t y’all stand tighter? Why did y’all let this happen?'”

Westmoreland may be banking on a public revolt against the law after what’s been a very shaky rollout, but polls have suggested that the public is weary of the health care battles that have consumed Washington since 2009. 

Polls consistently showed broad opposition to shutting down the government over blocking the Affordable Care Act and that the public largely blamed the GOP for the crisis. A Democratic poll last week showed that 58 percent of Americans want the law implemented and then fixed.