Glenn Beck’s Biggest Regret: Giving A Gift To Mitt Romney


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney apparently forgot his manners during the 2012 campaign.

Glenn Beck said Monday on his radio show that he gifted Romney his personal, first-edition copy of George Washington’s farewell address during the last presidential election — and never got so much as a thank-you in return.

“I’ve never regretted giving anybody anything more than I regretted my gift to Mitt Romney,” Beck said. “I’m still hung up on that.”

“They’re really rare and expensive, and I never even got a thank-you note,” he added. “Never even got a thank-you note. Pisses me off to this day.”

The conservative commentator said he saw a tweet of Romney’s wife Ann reading the copy on a plane, but said Romney may have fared better in the 2012 race if he had read Washington’s address himself.

“I was trying to cement in his mind, ‘You have run an honorable race. I don’t agree with you on everything. But please understand the time that we’re in, and if you win, you have to be George Washington,’” he explained. “You have to be a guy who understands the principles.”