Gallup: Trump’s First Year Brings New Low In Global Approval Of US Leadership

AFP/Getty Images

Just one year into President Donald Trump’s term, global approval of U.S. leadership fell to its lowest point in nearly two decades, according to a Gallup poll published Thursday.

Gallup reported the most recent approval rating has plummeted to 30 percent from the 48 percent approval rating in the last year of President Barack Obama’s administration, and is 4 points less than “the previous low of 34%” during the last year of President George W. Bush’s administration.

According to the poll, “disapproval of U.S. leadership increased almost as much as approval declined” with a 43% median disapproval, up 15 points from the previous year.

Gallup conducted interviews between March and November 2017 with approximately 1,000 adults aged at least 15 years old. Residents in 134 countries or areas were asked to rate U.S., German and Russian leadership. The poll’s margin of error is 5 percentage points.