Fox’s Neil Cavuto: ‘Lion’s Share’ Of Debt Accumulated Under Obama (VIDEO)

On the day the national debt hit $16 trillion, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto inaccurately said the “lion’s share” of it was added under President Obama.

“It happened within this last hour. We crossed a major milestone once thought unthinkable. Sixteen trillion dollars in red ink,” Cavuto said Tuesday. “…A lot of these folks don’t seem to be too perplexed about that. And if they are, they are saying there is bipartisan blame — and on that they are right. But the lion’s share of this did accumulate under President Obama. And he has some ‘splining to do. He and his surrogates who are minutes away from officially kicking off the convention — a response to what they say were Republican lies and mischaracterizations last week in Tampa.”

The national debt was $10.6 trillion when Obama took office.