Former White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon Joins Council On Foreign Relations

Tom Donilon, formerly President Barack Obama’s top national security advisor, is joining the Council On Foreign Relations as a distinguished fellow this month. 

“Tom Donilon has been at the center of consequential national security decisions over the last four and a half years, including winding down U.S. military engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, increasing the U.S. profile in the Asia-Pacific region, and balancing the requirement for intelligence with the need to protect privacy,” Council On Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass said in a statement.  “We are thrilled to have someone with his experience and record of service to the country at the Council on Foreign Relations.”

Donilon, who resigned from his White House post last month, was replaced by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. The Council On Foreign Relations’ statement about Donilon’s new position said he became a member of the group “nearly two decades ago” and will be based out of its Washington, D.C. office.